British Wildlife

Ink and Charcoal on paper, 2005-2006

This series of ink and charcoal drawings depict British Wildlife. The images set out to be similar to a museum diorama; they attempt to catalogue the different flora and fauna of the British Isles, fixing them at a moment in time. They all use the convention of the silhouette sometimes used in nature identification books. The series thus far includes Birds, Mammals and Trees. In each drawing the subjects appear on or along the manmade boundary line of a broken down fence or wall which we look through and beyond to an indistinct murky backdrop which suggests something just out of sight over the horizon, lending the series a sinister and disturbing atmosphere.

Pieces from this series of drawings have been shown at Vane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Surface Gallery, Nottingham; Smiths Row, Bury St Edmonds and as part of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2005.